Beginning Paleo

There are so many varieties of the “Paleo diet”: Strict Paleo, Practical Paleo, Primal Paleo, Traditional Paleo, Low-Carb Paleo, Vegetarian Paleo, 80/20 Paleo and the list goes on, with new varieties made every day based on what people like/dislike.

Essentially, I would put the Paleo diet into two categories, Paleo and Auto Immune Paleo. Based on your health history and personal preferences you’ll pick between the two and modify the strictness based off of those factors.

If your desire is to eat clean, get healthy, possibly lose weight and you do not have health/allergy issues, Paleo is the one for you. You’re wide open to the foods allowed and it doesn’t mean you have to learn to hunt or fish for the food you eat.

Should you be one of the many affected with allergies (food or otherwise), major or minor health issues, the Auto Immune version of Paleo (AIP) would be your starting point. This doesn’t mean you will eat AIP forever and that’s just part of the good news.

No matter which Paleo you begin with, once you commit, you’re on the road to feeling better, healthier and most of all, learning why to eat or not eat particular foods. I’ll go ahead and tell you to get prepared, because some of the information about food may surprise you.

Are you ready to go Paleo? It’s kinda like a first date, you’re excited, a little anxious, you want it to go well and you give it your all. Suppose that first date is neither bad or good, would you opt for a second? That’s the only way you’ll know for certain if they’re the one for you. Same here. At least commit to four days before you decide Paleo or AIP isn’t for you. And for goodness sake, if you’re still not sure, dig your heels in to find out. You may fall in love all over again!

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